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A proud Malaysian, Business minded, Justice fighter, and Open thinker.

About Me

I expertise in versatility with technology. 

I am a Malaysian and I love my country for it’s unique multiracial property and peace. My mentality is “Work smart not hard” and I believe in the quote “Balance in everything”. I am a strong advocate for justice and I enjoy studying law and I value a good democracy . My hobbies are gaming, watching youtube & movies,  programming, and listening to music. I am not a physical person, however I enjoy playing most sports, except basketball. 

It’s my passion to learn new things related to technology and to understand it. Hence, I have at least the basic skills and understanding at web development, video editing, coding, app development, building PC, photo editing and leadership. On top of that I enjoy videography and photography. With my free time I do freelance jobs with the skills I have.

mY Skills

We as developed human have learned that to achieve maximum efficiency we have to specialize in one thing. Since I am not a robot , I don’t master everything I learn so here is a run down. 


My portfolio

These are my projects that I have done in the past.

Mobile App & Website:


E-Farm is a modern vertical farm start-up company aimed at providing one-stop solution at fresh, organic, pesticide-free vegetable and products in the city. It is ran by two university students, both of which are my friend. 

Personally for me, E-Farm was a huge project and a complicated one. Because it includes customized solutions tailored to the company’s special needs. Which includes a custom made mobile application which has to intergrade its data with the website.

It is also my first production ready mobile application that is launch on android and IOS.

I highly recommend checking out this website, it is one of my proudest work I’ve done so far. Who knows, you might find your self buying some vegetable at the end.

The home page, with a orange and green theme. Includes a call to action button to either learn more about the company or shop now. 

The website contains sections like: 

  • About Us
  • Our Team
  • Our Process
  • Contact Us
  • Gallery
  • Shop
  • Blog
  • FAQs

The shop page.

Contact us page.

The app:

The mobile app contains multiple rich features you would find in a modern app.

For the users :

  • Online order via the app
  • Checking member balance
  • Spending’s analytic
  • Transaction History
  • View recipes by E-Farm and other members.
  • Submit their own recipes

For the administrative side: 

  • Inventory management system, fully synced with the website.
  • Adding members and storing their data.
  • Managing user’s balance.
  • Check pending/completed orders made on the web and in the app.
  • Point-Of-Sale (POS) system for physical store.
  • Approve recipes summited by members. 
  • Export orders as excel file for easier management.
  • Push notifications.
  • View daily transactions.
  • View inactive members.

Below is a video showcase of the app for the member version.

P.S: The app is only for E-Farm’s member only. Sign up is required to login to the app.


You may click on the website title to visit the website, which I highly recommend.


easteregger.com.my is a website I created for my mother when she wanted to start a Christian based daycare center.  However easteregger daycare center has now been discontinued.

This website includes a e-commerce shopping cart feature that allows my mother to sell her own goods.


SmartClass is a website I created for one of my relative’s business. It provides smart technology to education sectors in Malaysia. This includes online resources like e-books.

Above is an example of the online E-Book that teachers and student can access with credentials. 

Shape Of You

ShapeOfYou was a university project made by me and my team. (P.S I got an A for the subject) It was about educating people about origami. Things like, what type of paper to buy,  book recommendations and of course tutorials to fold origami.

This was my team members back then.

This is one of the diagram tutorial page. Honestly I really enjoyed this website because of the simplicity and clean look.

Another proud achievement that I have accomplished with my team is that we were able to take these beautiful pictures and post them instead of taking them from the internet.

This was one of the group picture for the project.

Suzy Bakery


This e-commerce website that I have build for a friend of my auntie. Unfortunately it has been discontinued. The website images is all low resolution because the images was taken using a smartphone by the auntie. There wasn’t much to it, just some home baked product up for sales.

Of course this website is fully developed by me.

Video filmed & edited:

This was my private school for my year 10 to year 11. I have don multiple projects that included filming and editing

This was an overview video for my school. This video was used for a event as a promotional video, which included the CEO (Who was Captian James Tan, the youngest person to circumnavigate by aircraft, Solo) , managing director, principle, students and parents.

This video was created for year 7 class during my time as a year 11. It was a project that every class will have to rotate and create educative content for our weekly assembly (Which by the way was held on a friday ;D)

I have also been a photographer/videographer for my school and have helped the school for multiple events like; sports day, international day, parents day, talents day and more.

This is a video that was created for a good friend of mine who was also the founder of E-Farm

This is a E-CV which could be the future of how our CV will look like. 



Open-Source Software Contributions:

To check out some of my contribution to some open-sourced software/packages you can visit my GitHub.

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